1. The Topologies of Blue
    Bill Seaman

  2. Solos
    Christopher Whitley

  3. Replicas
    Gideon Wolf

  4. Hearts Must Change
    Kirill Mazhai

  5. Little Notes
    Steven Kemner

  6. Landscapes of Lovers
    James Murray

  7. Mordançage

  8. Antonymes - The Licence To Interpret / Re-Interpret Dreams

  9. Wiwanana (Original Documentary Soundtrack)
    Alessio Ballerini

  10. You Were Always An Island
    Alaskan Tapes

  11. The Castle and the Garden
    Cameron Day

  12. And His Many Seas
    Moss Covered Technology

  13. Afternoon Hours
    Ned Milligan

  14. 45°12′N 72°54′E
    Giuseppe Cordaro

  15. Little Things
    Dalot & Sound Awakener

  16. Taken Apart
    Phil Tomsett

  17. The Epiphanies
    Bill Seaman

  18. Gradation Movements
    Steven Kemner

  19. Light Snowfall
    Norihito Suda

  20. Needleshaped Silence

  21. Grandpa
    Matteo Uggeri

  22. 3 5 1
    Irving Park

  23. Context
    Hotel Neon

  24. Under Blankets
    Caught In The Wake Forever

  25. Year Zero
    Gideon Wolf

  26. The Blossoming of the Nothingness Trees

  27. Letting Go Variations
    Kirill Nikolai

  28. In The Dead Of Night When Everything Is Asleep
    Aaron Martin & Leonardo Rosado

  29. Psychology of Colour

  30. The World Is A Little Lonelier Without You

  31. Glade

  32. Remnants
    Hotel Neon

  33. Transient Accidents
    Cello & Laptop

  34. Into The Well

  35. Near Dark
    Gideon Wolf

  36. A Love Theme For The Wilderness
    Still Light

  37. Broken Memory Machine
    Phil Tomsett

  38. Light Folds
    The Seaman & The Tattered Sail

  39. Marram
    Wil Bolton

  40. The Blizzard That Birthed Her
    Orla Wren

  41. Eaten Alive

  42. In The Vale Of Tears

  43. Lamorna
    Matthew Shaw

  44. Black Vines
    Black Vines

  45. Fragile Existence

  46. Every Night Draws the Same Crowd

  47. For the Tired And Ill At Ease
    Scissors And Sellotape

  48. Uriarra Road

  49. Un Diable Sur Le Tympan - Live at Saint Merry Church

  50. Our Fearful Symmetry Remixes

  51. Off-Key Sessions Vol. I - Modern Classics

  52. Off-Key Sessions Vol. 2 - Sound Architects

  53. Paper
    Gideon Wolf

  54. Splintered Instruments
    Matthew Collings

  55. My Home, Sinking
    My Home, Sinking

  56. In A Lonely Place
    Tape Loop Orchestra

  57. Off-Key Sessions: Oceans And Ornaments
    Various Artists

  58. Four Steps on Points
    Matteo Uggeri

  59. Uriarra Crossing (Relmic Statute)


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