Hearts full of sorrow, souls full of hope we look to the west

by e & i

Resting upon 12:28


This project began as an experiment; moments at night when I had time when everyone else was sleeping and there was stillness. I would listen to classical music and dream, not of performing them but of eroding them into something new, to take the poetic meaning of them, the breathtaking gentle moments of harmonic change and breath life into them.

There became many such experiments and I gradually felt lost in them. I approached Craig to collaborate on finding a path and we decided to take the time to work on them for a while and then put them to the side. Unsure of what the music wished to say or how, years passed and we found ourselves reworking the original pieces again and again so that the original snippets from the works became a new language.

Out of these experiments, impossible to count how many versions or directions, we honed the four we are releasing on this album. All of these works are full of sorrow, they may be in major or minor, they may come from different context, but for us they all speak of farewells tinged with both hope and regret. For a time lost that can never be found again, with only a lingering memory of an emotion that grows weaker and fades as the days pass - e & i


released August 6, 2020


Audio by Craig Tattersall and Emmanuel Witzthum (e & i)
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Print design by Craig Tattersall
Poetry by Emmanuel Witzthum
Packaging design by Daniel Crossley


all rights reserved



Facture Bristol, UK

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